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Here, you’ll find details about our pricing. Interviews to discuss what services we offer and consultation regarding services you might need are always free.

For clients in the Reykjavik metro area, we can do these interviews in person, at your offices or ours, via teleconferencing or telephone. For clients outside the Reykjavik metro area, teleconference or telephone would be best for this introductory discussion. After that, we can plan a site visit.

Contact us if you have questions or want to book a meeting.

Package 1: Pay by the hour

Charged after delivery of service: 24.000 ISK per hour plus VAT

Package 2: Initial audit

We arrive on-site and review your setup, policies, and procedures. From that, we write a report on how you can reduce your risk of cyber incidents. The report will be delivered within two days, and the invoice will be sent after the report is accepted.

Implementation assistance is available but not included. We will include a proposal for implementation costs along with the report.

This package includes four hours on-site and travels within the Reykjavik metro area between the hours of 10 and 16. Travel outside the metro area is available by special arrangements. The price is 95.000 ISK plus VAT.

Package 3: Small audit

This is a smaller version of package 2, suitable for smaller companies where the review will take a short time. It includes two hours on-site, but all other details are the same. The price is 45.000 ISK plus VAT.

Package 4: Prepaid hours

Pay for time ahead of time at the special rate of 19.200 ISK plus VAT per hour. That’s a 20% discount on the standard rate. You can purchase a maximum of 50 hours each month at this rate. Once you pay for the hours, they are yours to use whenever you choose and do not expire.

Package 5: Virtual CISO Service

This package is for those who wish for an ongoing service. We’ll conduct regular meetings, go over the status of your security tools, answer your questions, and generally be available to you when it comes to cybersecurity matters. This package comes in three sizes:

  • Small: 90.000 ISK plus VAT (limit to 4 hours per month)
  • Medium: 160.000 ISK plus VAT (limit to 8 hours per month)
  • Large: 290.000 ISK plus VAT (limit to 16 hours per month)


Visiting your office in the greater Capital region between 10:00 and 16:00 on regular weekdays is always included without any additional charge. Contact us for travel costs for site visits outside the Capital region.