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For your reference, these are services or products we recommend or endorse for their online security benefits. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

  • BSides Reykjavik Inexpensive Cybersecurity Conferences. Öruggt Net is a proud sponsor
  • Nanitor.com Vulnerability Management platform that takes the pain out of managing your vulnerabilities.
  • 1Password My recommended Password Manager
  • Bitwarden Low-cost Open-Source Password Manager offering notable feature set, including a cloud or local option.
  • ProtonVPN Trustworthy VPN provider, based in Switzerland.
  • Privacy.com. A site that will let you create custom virtual pre-paid credit cards with custom limits. If you sign up with this link https://privacy.com/join/VEYH9 you get $5 to spend however you like, as do I.
  • Power Banks Anker Innovations. Portable charging devices.
  • Proton Mail Secure and privacy-centric Email service in Switzerland
  • Fastmail Privacy-conscious email provider based in Australia that offers reliable email with notable feature set.
  • Wizard Zines Short bitesize educational illustrations, making tech topics easy to understand.
  • Hardware Security Keys U2F The Best Hardware Security Keys for Two-factor Authentication. The Verge
  • Firefox Web browser Privacy centric web browser
  • Vivaldi Web Browser Currently our favorite web browser due to its rich feature set an great privacy and security focus. Norwegian company with offices in Reykjavik and the US.
  • Traveling Mailbox Physical mailbox in the cloud
  • KeyPass Password Safe Locally Installed Password Manager
  • Duck Duck Go Privacy Centric Search Engine


Also for your references, here are links to citations from the book