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Cybersecurity Awareness Training Series

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training Series

This Cybersecurity Awareness Training series uses everyday language and is designed for the general public, whether on the job market or not. So, no computer expertise is expected. It comes with a certificate of completion. This is an excellent option for your company’s Cybersecurity Awareness requirements, which NIS, DORA, and other regulations require, as well as certifications like ISO 27001.

Security Basics Topics

In this section, we will discuss and define the following topics

  • Password Management
  • MFA
  • Critical Thinking
  • Links, Attachment, USB Drives
  • Social Engineering
  • Scams
  • FUD
  • Risks and Threat Profiling
  • Threat Protection

Online Privacy Topics

In this section, we’ll discuss what footprint you leave online and how to minimize it. Furthermore, we’ll discuss general online privacy tips and tricks.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Series Scheduling

Pick a session from this  series that works for you, or contact us if you’d like to suggest a different time or location.